A serious problem affects some Apple Watch Ultra 2, and at the moment Apple only offers a temporary solution. Now Things are getting worse with new models affected by so-called “ghost touches”.

For a few weeks now, more and more users have been complaining about a problem with their Apple Watch Ultra 2 and Series 9, the latest two models launched by Apple. The problem is that the screen of your Apple Watch goes crazy, as if a ghost is constantly touching it. This completely renders the watch useless, which even blocks itself, leaving the owners unable to use it. for a certain, increasingly longer time, like when you get your password wrong. Now this problem is starting to appear in older models, something that suggests that it may be a software problem rather than a hardware problem, something that agrees with the partial solution that Apple recommends, for now.

Apple has instructed its technical services not to replace devices that have this problem, but rather to Instruct users to force the watch to restart if this happens by holding down the two buttons on the right side. (crown and bottom button) for 10 seconds. It also recommends that they maintain the. Apple Watch updated to the latest available versions. According to these instructions, it is expected that an upcoming update to be released will definitively solve this problem, but at the moment we do not have any more official information from Apple on this matter. If it finally finds that the problem is with the devices screen, Apple will have to replace all affected units, so at this point we are faced with a situation where if you have an Apple Watch affected by this “Ghost Touch” the only thing What you can do is wait to see how everything turns out.