Apple offers me a 1 year warranty. Is it legal in Spain?

Today we are going to see the different situations that you face in our country, depending on when and where you purchased the product from Tim Cook's company, because you will still be happy. This only applies to Spain, although it can give you an idea of ​​what happens in your country, as it may be similar.

Apple warranty in Spain?

The first thing you have to know is what the Law establishes in our country. And this says that products purchased after January 1, 2022 will have a 3-year warranty, and the previous ones will enjoy 2 years, (although it will have already expired, so we are not interested).

However, Why does Apple say it only offers 1 year? Well it's easy. The company, unlike the rest, offers you to take any product to its stores, or send it online, to take care of any repair or revision, free of charge, without the need for you to go to the store where you bought it, either Amazon, MediaMarkt, or your local computer store.

Of course, after the first year, you will continue to have another 2 years, but it will be the place where you bought it that will be responsible for the product and its repair, whether it is an online or physical store.

But, What happens if I purchased the product through the Apple Store? In this case things change, and even though your device's coverage says that you only have 12 months, it is a lie, and it will be Apple itself that will take care of the 3 years of it. So if you go to an official store after 28 months, they will have to fix it for you as if it were the first.

That is to say, purchasing a bitten apple product in an official store is much more advisable than doing so in any other store, and you will have a 3-year warranty with them. Although you will always have options like K-Tuin or official providers, where their service will be similar.

In short, wherever you buy your product, you will have the 3 years that marks the norm of SpainHowever, depending on the location, Apple will be responsible for more or less time, with a minimum of 1 year being the time you always have with them.

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In addition, with the new regulations, the products sold must have spare and repair parts for 10 years, unlike the 5 that existed until 2022, so, if you have purchased an iPhone 14, for example, you will have 3 years of warranty, and you will be able to have batteries, screens and other parts until 2032.

And you, did you know this rule, or did you think that Apple products only had a 1-year warranty, as they always say? If you were one of the latter, remember it well, and if you need to use it, you can, even if 1 year has passed, you will only have to take into account the place where you acquired it.