Apple officially presents iOS 18

WWDC24 has started and Apple has decided release iOS 18 second, after visionOS 2. A large number of new features that have not been far from the rumors we knew until now: an increase in home screen customization, a new control center, news in native applications such as Photos or Mail, in addition to news in privacy and an increase in the social network concept of the Messages app.

iOS 18, the new thing from Apple at WWDC24

Without a doubt, one of the main new features of iOS 18 is the increased personalization. From now on we can reorder icons without taking into account uniformity. We can place apps alone, in rows, two by two… as if it were an Android. In addition, Apple has added to iOS 18 a new dark mode home screen, where all icons become dark, so developers will have to configure their icons for correct display. Besides, You can also modify the color of all the apps so that a single color prevails in all the icons.

iOS 18

It has also been modified the Control Center just as it had been rumored. Now the Control Center is a succession of screens that we can access by sliding our finger. The icons have now become rounded instead of square and all information can be accessed by swiping down even from the lock screen replacing direct access to the flashlight or camera. All of this configurable through an API called Controls API.

On the other hand, iOS 18 takes privacy into account and allows users Lock apps with Touch ID, Face ID or passcode lock. In addition, it allows you to hide an app in a folder that is not accessible except by unlocking it with the same methods as those mentioned.

iOS 18

If we go into the apps, the most redesigned has been Messages, which has included great new features such as new ways to react to messages, new emojis, the possibility of scheduling messages, or new formats such as strikethrough, or bold within the messages. In addition, new visual effects have been added as rumored. Finally, it has been presented possibility of sending messages through the Satellite network, all of them end-to-end encrypted.

iOS 18 Maps

The Mail app also undergoes changes with the addition of a new one organization in category format: main, transactions, news and promotions, a classification similar to the one we can have in other emails such as Gmail. On the other hand, Maps It also includes new features such as addition of topographic maps or the possibility of creating our own routes.

Apple Pay Cash

Beyond these changes, Apple has incorporated the function in iOS 18 Tap to Cash, a kind of bizum by simply bringing the two iPhones together and new ways to display event tickets in the Wallet app with more information inside the card.

iOS 18

Finally, Photos has been redesigned in iOS 18. The new app is unified in a single view, without sections at the bottom, with a design more similar to the visionOS interface. The division between months, years or days is found in a lower bar. Additionally, the type of content can be accessed directly from that bottom bar: selfies, screenshots, etc. Also included are what they have called Collections, You can search for photographs using words such as time, trips, places, people, etc. iOS 18 is responsible for filtering which images are useful and which are not. In the case of a receipt for a purchase or a ticket, it will be ignored and will not be shown to us.