A few days ago Apple updated its website and launched a press release announcing its new iPad Pro and the new generation of Apple TV. There were many rumors about the arrival of these products and, finally, they arrived with the main change of the introduction of the M2 chip in the iPad Pro, as well as the arrival of a new design more akin to the Pro model than the standard model. However, Apple has also used the occasion to increase the official price of the iPad Air and iPad mini with increases of more than 10%.

The iPad Air and iPad mini are now more expensive than they were a week ago

The novelties that Apple introduced last week they did not include the iPad Air and iPad mini in any case. Let us remember that these devices were launched in March 2022 (the iPad Air) and in September 2021 (the iPad mini). Although the mini model called for an update, the big change introduced more than a year ago has been enough to keep the generation as it is.

iPad 10 all colors

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Nevertheless, despite not having new hardware in this new round of releases, Manzana has decided to increase the price of the iPad Air and iPad mini taking advantage of the update of the Apple Store Online. These are two unexpected uploads but they will be noticed:

  • The iPad Air starts at 769 euros, just over a 13% rise. Its previous price started at 679 euros.
  • The iPad mini increases its price by 19% starting at 649, compared to 549 euros starting previously.

According to analysts, these increased prices are related to the rise in inflation and the devaluation of the euro that we have been seeing in recent months. In fact, we see how rise of the iPad mini is greater. This is because it has been on the market longer and the current state of the markets.