Apple overtakes Samsung in the smartphone market for the first time in 2023

Apple and Samsung are two historic rivals in the sale and distribution of smartphones globally. Although they compete for the same market segment, it is true that the South Korean firm covers a much larger audience, since it has many more phones and is not only limited to the highest range of all. However, this has not prevented Apple from being able to surpass Samsung and set a record (another one), this year 2023.

In a press release published in Businesswire, the firm IDC Tracker has issued results of figures that show how, for the first time, Apple has managed to surpass Samsung and position itself as the first brand that has managed to sell the most phones. Across the whole, those from Cupertino have surpassed Asians by a figure of 3.2%

Apple's record numbers in 2023

Two tables have been published in the report, which show, on the one hand, the most relevant companies in sales and shipment figures for smartphones and, on the other, the total number of smartphones that have been shipped worldwide.

Regarding the periods, the first table shows the units of the last quarter of 2023 and their percentage of market share. Likewise, these figures are compared with those of the same periods in 2022. Finally, the growth and decrease that has been experienced are observed.

In the second table, the same data is observed, but instead of being in the last quarter, it is for the entire year. Likewise, the growth and decrease figure is also reflected. Now, how do these figures look? We see it below:

  • Manzana: 80.5 million shipments in Q42023 and 24.7% market share
  • Manzana: 234.6 million shipments in 2023 and 20.1% market share
  • Samsung: 53 million shipments in Q42023 and 16.3% market share
  • Samsung: 226.6 million shipments in 2023 and 19.4% market share

The total number of phone units shipped during 2023, according to the report issued by IDC, was 1,166.9 million smartphones. Regarding the year 2022, the figure has decreased, as it stood at a total of 1,205.9 million devices shipped. Therefore, the market is positioned downwards, with a decrease of 3.2%. However, this has not prevented Apple from overtaking Samsung and closing a historic year in sales.

samsung gala zfold folding phone

In addition to these two brands, Xiaomi also stands out, which in both lists is positioned in third place, with a total of 145.9 million phones and a 12.5% ​​market share. Below is OPPO, which does its thing with 103.1 million phones and 8.8% market share, and then in fifth place we have Transsion. This manufacturer enters the “Top 5” of the total for 2023 with a figure of 94.9 million phones.

Finally, there is another brand category called “Others”, which brings together the rest of the manufacturers that have also participated in the market. If you specify names and quantities of brands, in this group a total of 361.8 million devices are observed throughout 2023 and a market share of 31%.