Apple partners with Broadcom to develop 5G

A few days ago, those from Cupertino announced in a press release that they have reached a collaboration agreement with broadcom for the development and manufacture of chips and components for data transmission in the 5G network. With the particularity that said components will be manufactured in the USA.

In this way, Apple takes one more step on its way to rely less and less on China when manufacturing components for their devices. Tim Cook thus continues with his efforts to promote the manufacture of components in his country, and thus help North American technology manufacturers.

Apple and Broadcom have just signed a multi-million dollar collaboration agreement for the digital telecommunications giant to develop and manufacture components for Apple devices related to data transmission 5G.

Tim Cook assures that with this agreement he will help Broadcom to maintain its more than 1,100 jobs at its Fort Collins, Colorado plant. He also affirms that he continues with his commitment to promote new agreements with North American suppliers, to the detriment of the current Chinese ones.

It’s been three or four years now that Apple has been going after Broadcom to buy its division of 5G componentsas it did in its day with Intel, but this time those from Colorado have not accepted the offer, since Broadcom does not want to part with the development and manufacture of a 5G technology that is booming.

So finally Apple has had no choice but to accept this refusal on the part of broadcomand associate in a friendly way so that said company develops and manufactures new components for Apple devices in the coming years.

Thus, Broadcom expands its business with Apple, increasing its participation in the supply of components for the different devices screen-printed with the logo of the famous bitten apple.