Apple Patent Reveals 3D Touch Sensors For iPhone, MacBook, And Apple Watch

Apple may be aiming to reintroduce Force Touch, as a new patent hints at next-gen pressure sensors for the Macbook, Apple Watch, iPads, and iPhone. According to the Apple Patent, the USA Patent & Trademark Office produced a set of graphics showing how Force Touch technology may be utilized for various applications in Apple products.

At the moment, Apple’s current pressure sensors take significantly more space, making them tough to integrate. Apple can create pressure-sensitive surfaces by using micro-electromechanical fluid force sensors, according to the Apple Patent.

Apple Patent Reveals New Plans For MacBooks And Other Devices

Apple Patent also suggests replacing physical buttons in gadgets with force-sensitive side buttons using new force sensors.

With the new set of force sensors, Apple Watch can monitor blood pressure and more. According to the images, an Apple Watch pressure sensor module will be placed above the radial artery, allowing the sensor to monitor health indicators such as heart rate, blood pressure, pulse transit time, pulse wave rate, and more.

The new force sensor technology might also be included in future Macbook trackpads, according to Apple Patent. The module features a fluid pressure sensor. It means that it can detect slight or incremental changes in pressure more precisely, according to the patent illustration. A collection of numerous pressure sensor modules is shown in Apple’s patent diagram.

Because they are enclosed, these group pressure sensors will assist in increasing the detecting area. Apple’s latest patent goes into great detail on how force-touch technology will affect Macbooks, iPhones, and iPads.

Furthermore, new patent sculptures reveal that the Force Sensing System technology uses numerous tiny modules rather than one component. According to reports, this will let Apple bring back 3D Touch technology that will be less expensive and can be utilized in several Apple goods.