Apple patents a Face ID system under the screen

If the river makes a noise its because water is running. And today it sounds because Apple has just been granted a patent to manufacture a sensor system for Face ID and similar functions housed under the screen from an iPhone. But we would still see the screen camera, from time to time…

So it would be kind of Dynamic Island 2.0. A small black spot that would appear and disappear depending on whether the camera is used or not. What here would be a full-fledged Guadiana river, come on.

Apple tends to patent countless projects and ideas that many of them never get put into practice, and often go unnoticed. But the patent that it has obtained today certainly attracts attention and can be very important for the company and for all users of the iPhone.

Said patent explains with hair and signs a system of sensors that would be housed under the screen panel of the iPhone, necessary for the operation of Apple’s Face ID facial recognition. Or they could also be pressure sensors, sensors to detect position, orientation and/or movement, user gestures, etc.

A removable notch

The “grace” of the patent is that it explains that the panel section of the screen that is in front of the sensor, for example the front camera, could become transparent at the time the camera is activated, and light up again when the camera is turned off.

This means that, for example, a small dynamic island would appear when unlocking our iPhone using Face ID, and once unlocked, would hide showing the entire screen without any type of notch.

And for example, if we use the front camera, a notch would appear again, perhaps larger than the one necessary for Face ID, so that the necessary sensors could work without the “curtain” of the active screen in front of them. Once the photograph or videoconference is finished, said “Dynamic Island 2.0” would be hidden, showing the screen in its entirety.

We’ll see if this time, Apple puts such a project into practice, and we can finally see a full-screen iPhone, without any kind of notch. At least at times…