Apple Pay on Mac? So you can use it

Making payments through the web or an app is very easy and fast thanks to Apple Pay. But in addition to your iPhone, did you know that it is also available on Mac? Here we will explain what you need and how can you make it workto be able to make purchases in a much more comfortable and simple way.

Does my Mac support Apple Pay?

Before you can use this tool on a Mac, first of all you have to know if it is (or not) compatible. And to talk about the compatibility of Apple Pay on Mac, there are several points of view from which you can analyze this. On the one hand, there is the fact of being able to use Apple Pay directly on the computer and, on the other, use Apple Pay on an iPhone when we want to make a purchase on the Mac. They are two similar situations, but their differences are justified.

Apple Pay is a service that requires Touch ID or Face ID authentication to work. On the Mac, Apple Pay requires Touch ID or Face ID verification. Therefore, there will be two types of Apple Pay compatibility on the Mac: only with the computer or through an iPhone. Macs that independently support Apple Pay must meet the following requirements:

  • They need Touch ID. If they have a processor Intel, they need the Touch ID to be already incorporated on the keyboard.
  • All Macs with Apple Silicon are compatible with Apple Pay. If they don’t have Touch ID on the keyboard, they can pair with a Magic Keyboard with Touch ID to use Apple Pay. Macs with Apple Silicon are compatible with this Apple keyboard.

Apple Pay on Mac with Touch ID

If your Mac model has Touch ID (or we have Apple Silicon and a Magic Keyboard with Touch ID), and it is updated to the latest version of macOS Ventura, you will have to go to System Settings > Wallet & Apple Pay. When we are in that menu, we will have to press the Add card button. Here we will have the option of adding the data of a new card, or, just entering the CVV of a card that we already have associated with the Apple ID.

Keep in mind the most important limitation of Apple Pay on Mac: can only be used on one user, even though there may be more than one account with administrator permission. Only the user account where the service was first registered and with the card details can use Apple Pay. If another user account wants to use Apple Pay but another account is already in use, the settings will need to be reset.

Set up Apple Pay on an Intel-based Mac without Touch ID

If we have a Mac with Intel, and it does not have Touch ID, the only way to make payments through Apple Pay is jointly with the iPhone, since our computer will not have the configuration settings for Wallet and Apple Pay. If we cannot enter that data, we will not be able to use the system. To do this, we will need an iPhone and activate a specific option.

apple pay mac without touch id

We have to go to Settings> Wallet and Apple Pay and we have to look for an option called Allow payments from the Mac. So, if our Mac and our iPhone are close to each other and both have the same Apple ID registered and activated, we can use the iPhone as a verification method to use Apple Pay on Mac.