iOS 16 Apple Pay Will Work On All Browsers

Apple Pay is a handy method to use your phone to pay for products and services, but it is not compatible with in-browser transactions if you are using a browser other than Safari.

This is probably about to change. Apple Pay is accessible in Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome while using the iOS 16 developer beta 4 beta, according to iOS developer and MacRumors writer Steve Moser. This Reddit thread claims that Firefox also has access to it.

This only applies to iOS 16; according to Moser, Apple Pay does not function in Edge or Chrome on desktops. This is most likely because the desktop browsers utilize their own web rendering engines, whereas the iOS versions use Safari. This may be Apple’s response to the impending Digital Markets Act in Europe, according to 9to5Mac (via The Register), which forbids “gatekeepers” like Apple from controlling which features appear and which do not in third-party browsers that utilize Apple’s rendering engine. 

Apple Pay Be Edge, Chrome, Safari, And Firefox Compatible 

The text states that because gatekeepers run and impose browser engines, they are in a position to decide what functionality and standards will apply to not just their own web browsers but also to those of rival web browsers, which in turn affect online software applications. “Therefore, gatekeepers should not use their stance as undertakings providing core infrastructure as a service to require that their dependent business users use any of those services offered by the intermediary itself as part of the stipulation of services or products by these business users,” the statement reads.

The advantages are obvious to end users: Apple Pay will function with any mobile browser, regardless of which one a user prefers.

Although there is not a guarantee that the feature will (immediately) make it to the final release of iOS, the fact that it is appearing in a developer beta is a good sign that it will.