Apple Pencil: Flying Rumours On Apple Scrapping Away Its Pencil Plan

According to a hazy new rumor, Apple had originally anticipated releasing a new Apple Pencil this year. A source on Weibo claims that despite having already started mass production, Apple decided to abandon plans for a new $50 Apple Pencil at the last minute.

This Pencil purportedly supported iPhones and would have addressed one of the major issues with the iPad 10 at the same time. The post, Duan Rui tweeted, originates via a source containing a particularly sketchy history, and must be viewed with a hefty dose of suspicion. The assertions presented, however, are intriguing and deserve attention.

According to the source, Apple was preparing to unveil a new Apple Pencil, apparently named “Marker,” in September at a conference. This item was priced at roughly $49 by Apple, making it considerably less expensive than the original Pencil, along with its second edition.

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There supposedly were a few concessions made because of the decreased price. In particular, it appears that this Apple Pencil lacked an internal battery and pressure-sensing technology. Apple reportedly created a chipset that could be utilized to charge the stylus via the screen rather than a rechargeable battery, similar to how Samsung used its S-Pen.

The curious aspect is that the Pencil reportedly also functioned with the iPhone. Apple has already rejected the notion that the original Pencil and the Apple Pencil 2 are compatible with the iPhone. But it is a rumor which has been spread quite countable times. It seems uncertain why Apple decided against developing the “Marker” Pencil, but subsequently, the judgment was made just before launch. Today’s source claims that Apple already had produced over a million components, a considerable number, for a tool that most likely could have been specialized.

With the recent 10th-gen iPad, this less expensive Pencil could make sense. The iPad 10 has a USB-C port, yet it still only functions with the first gen Pencil that is Lightning-equipped, which has brought Apple a lot of criticism. This would reveal that to connect the Pencil to the iPad and charge it, a $9 adapter, available separately, must be used.