AirDrop is Apple’s own technology that is widely used among users in the Big Apple to transfer images and files easily. This technology is only available for Apple devices and makes use of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The arrival of iOS 16.1.1 a few days ago launched an alert after the integration of a new option within AirDrop for Chinese users in which a new sharing option was added: “Everyone for 10 minutes.” These AirDrop improvements are aimed at to avoid spam that usually appears in crowded places and it is likely that it will reach the whole world in the coming months.

AirDrop will improve to avoid the usual spam

If you have an iPhone or an iPad, it has probably happened to you that you had AirDrop activated for all users and they wanted to send you joke or distasteful images in crowded places such as concerts, shopping centers or airplanes. This is just one more sample of how spam can also arrive through this type of technology.

This happens because AirDrop has a configuration of three options: activate AirDrop for all users (without control), only for your contacts or deactivate the reception. Until now, when we activated AirDrop for all users it was activated permanently thus allowing the possibility of receiving files from any device.

iOS 16.1.1

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In the wake of anti-government information being sent in China, Apple has updated the AirDrop options in iOS 16.1.1 by changing the receiving option for all users to reception for all users for 10 minutes. After that time has elapsed, the setting will automatically change to “Contacts only”.

Thanks to Apple’s contact with analyst Mark Gurman, we know that Apple is planning big changes to AirDrop With the aim of avoiding this spam that for more than 10 years, since the launch of the technology, users are suffering under certain conditions.