Apple plans to redesign iMessage in the near future

Social networks have become another element of our lives. Although Apple still does not have social networks as such, it does have services that can ‘give the hit’. An example of this is iMessage or Apple Messages, a messaging service that can be used by all users in the Big Apple. Although iOS 16 has given it new features, Apple could be thinking of relaunching iMessage with new features and a new design to boost the application and the experience with it.

Apple could relaunch iMessage with a new app

iMessage is a native Apple app that comes installed by default on iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, and macOS. This app works as a messaging service between Apple users that have the service activated. The service was launched years ago with the intention of offering its users a tool that would allow communication between users beyond SMS from telephone companies.

iOS 16 has introduced some big changes to the iMessage user experience. Among some of the novelties is the ability to edit messages once sent, the possibility of deleting already sent messages, improvements in SharePlay as well as the ability to mark conversations as unread. These options are key to understanding the new dimension that iMessage has acquired in iOS 16.

But the news comes after the release of iOS 16. According to rumors posted on social networks Apple could be thinking of redesigning the iMessage concept by giving it a new design and new features to relaunch the tool and be able to be a real alternative to WhatsApp or Telegram. This new redesign would have a central axis based on augmented reality and SharePlay functions.

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First of all, SharePlay is a tool already available in iOS and iPadOS with which we can share screen content with other users through FaceTime. Apple could also integrate this experience directly into iMessage. On the other hand, the possible arrival of augmented reality glasses with an operating system ‘realityOS’ or ‘rOS’ It could have something to do with all the aspect of augmented reality that could come in this new version of the application.

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