Apple plans to release larger OLED iPad Pros by 2024

The last update we received to the iPad Pro was in October 2022, when the 11-inch and 12.9-inch models were updated with the Apple M2 processor. Nevertheless, according to statements offered by on-screen analyst Ross Young to MacRumorsApple already plans new changes in these products.

In his statements I assure that the manufacturer is already developing new 11.1 and 13-inch OLED models of the iPad Pro, which could arrive by 2024. Recall that currently the 12.9-inch iPad Pro has a mini-LED screen, while the 11-inch model comes with a traditional LCD screen.

As you will see, the next models will have a slightly larger screen, although the size of the case is expected to remain as it has been until now. Well, most likely, Apple will decrease the bezels to make room for a wider screen.

Despite previous leaks suggesting that Apple might be working on a full-size iPad Pro model, this idea has apparently been scrapped. According to Young, at least for this next update, the company will stick to the two aforementioned sizes..

More reasons to justify its price

Since its release on the market, iPad Pros have been high-end luxury devices, reserved for high budgets and users who need as much power as possible.. This is despite the fact that the basic iPad is capable of practically everything that the more expensive models do.

By the time the switch to OLED screens takes hold, it will become another differentiator that will serve to justify the high price of the iPad Pro models. Will they cost the same as the current ones? That’s something that remains to be seen, but we guess that’s what Apple will try.

While the size increase might be an irrelevant change, it’s clear that Apple wants to continue to keep a large iPad Pro among its products. aside, offer a larger screen influences when a buyer considers reasons to buy a more expensive tabletinstead of the iPad Air.

For the moments, 2023 could be a quiet year for the Apple tablet sector, since these updates are expected to arrive by 2024. This will give the competitors some time to catch up, but it also means that the new iPad Pros should show a substantial increase in performance.