There are only two days left to install the final version of iOS 16 on our terminals. Apple releases the final version next monday september 12 and with it will come the end of a beta stage that has been intense since June. Among the new features of iOS 16 is the new customization of the home screen, a highly applauded option among users. Nevertheless, Apple has decided to postpone the launch of the new Shared Photo Library in iO 16, another of the key functions in this new operating system.

Yet another feature postponed in iOS 16: Shared Photo Library in iCloud

It seems that in Cupertino not everything is going as planned. A few weeks ago we learned that iPadOS 16 would not be released at the same time as iOS 16 as in previous years, but at a later date closer to the launch of the new iPad. It is possible that this delay was conditioned by the lack of development of the new and complex functions of the operating system.

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Nevertheless, Apple has also postponed a feature of iOS 16: the shared photo library. This feature was introduced at the WWDC22 keynote and we’ve been testing it in betas over the past few months. The shared photo library allowed the user to create a shared photo library and invite other people to be able to add, delete, edit and much more. All participants have all permissions so it’s a real shared library.

But Apple has decided to postpone its release in the final version of iOS 16 which will be released on Monday, September 12. This is how we can see it on the official website where in the operating system section an “Available this year” already appears in the shared photo library section. In addition, in the press release for the launch of iPhone 14, Apple also dedicated a space to iOS 16, ensuring that “iCloud shared photo library will be available in a future software update.”