Until now, the renewal of AirTags is an unknown and is not expected until mid-2025 (at the earliest). And this is mainly motivated by the low expectation of incorporating improvements with respect to the first version of the device. However, The most interesting is the improvement in device tracking and it seems that Apple is precisely focusing on this.

The current AirTag uses the Network-bound low-latency Bluetooth connectivity from Apple Search to be able to be located in the world. These work in the same way as any other device built into the Find Network that can be viewed from any Apple device (iPhone, iPad, Mac or Web).

Since 2021 (and it is said soon), the device has not undergone any changes, neither in price nor in features. Now, according to Gurman in Bloomberg, the new version could arrive in mid-2025 and currently its codename is B589 on the Cupertino development teams. Apple would already be talking and testing with manufacturers in Asia for this new device and does not usually do this until 12 months before the launch, so perhaps we could see the AirTag update sooner than expected.

According to Gurman, AirTags 2 will incorporate a new chip that will improve the location of the device. Without commenting at the moment on any other improvements such as the speaker or the autonomy of the current batteries.

As we get closer to its launch, new rumors will come to light, so we will be very attentive. For now, It seems that something is starting to brew around the AirTag (which is not a small thing).