Apple prepares one more disappointment for iPad users

The iPhone is usually the Apple device that always attracts all eyes and the one that also tends to capture all the headlines of the different media that follow Apple news thanks to all the rumors that do not stop coming out. However, the iPad also wants its leading role, and it is that in recent days some information has been known that users will not like at all. Keep reading that we tell you everything in this post.

This will be the new iPad Pro

We are not going to discover anything if we say that the iPad is a piece of equipment that over the years and the different versions that Apple launches onto the market changes very little visually or aesthetically, since in the end it does not even need the type itself. of product demands such a thing. In fact, Apple has been using the same design since 2018when it introduced the first iPad Pros with an all-screen front, the square frames and a body made entirely of aluminum. A design that, to this day, all iPad ranges already have, the tenth generation being the last to adopt it.

Rumors about Apple’s plans to modify the design of the iPad Pro slightly have been ringing around these teams for some time, and everything points to the fact that The Cupertino company is going to carry out this modification very soon. These novelties will go beyond modifying the computer’s processor, something obvious in the case of Apple, but also the iPad will say goodbye to aluminum for the first time in its history, to make way for the crystalso that these teams can also use and make the most of MagSafe technology. But note that this will not be the only great novelty that these teams will have, but that finally, Apple will also introduce the OLED display on iPads.

As is natural, these outstanding changes and which, of course, are going to give so much talk, will initially come exclusively on Pro modelsand surely over the years and generations, the rest of the models will also adopt it, which is just the movement that Apple has followed with the all-screen design that the current ones have.

What is wrong?

Now, not everything is rosy around the iPad, and it is that without a doubt, users who are waiting for these models like rain in May will have to lower their expectations and, above all, the desire to be able to count on these teams . According to Mark Gurman, This renewal of the iPad Pro range that was expected for this year 2023 will not come until 2024. In other words, we will have to wait even longer to see this much-desired and rumored design update for the iPad Pro.

ipad pro 2021 design

In addition, another question that arises around this change is the resistance that the supposed glass that these models will have in the back will have. The iPhone, obviously, already has this, but perhaps the iPad should be a somewhat more resistant device than the iPhone currently is, since being larger it is also more likely to suffer small bumps or even falls, than if Finally, it has a glass that is not very resistant, it will cause many users to carry their iPad almost shattered on its back.