Home automation is more and more integrated into our lives, an intelligent control of our houses that at the beginning was unthinkable for most mortals due to its high development and implementation costs. But everything changed… And it is that with the advent of smart devices like the iPhone, all this became much more accessible. HomeKit is the basis of Apple’s home automation, and from Cupertino they have wanted to update itit was tried with iOS 16.2, but everything seems to indicate that will be in iOS 16.3 when Apple releases the new HomeKit architecture.

It was with the arrival of the iOS 16.3 beta when some users would be finding a message when entering the Home app announcing that a new home update is available. The message is explained as that House now has a new underlying architecture that will improve the performance of our House. A message that is not new since Apple launched it with iOS 16.2 but that it ended up withdrawing after some other problem with several users.

That Apple is releasing this update, or at least the message, with the beta version of iOS 16.3 indicates that Apple has already completed the development of this update and will end up launching it to the public with the final version of iOS 16.3. We will see if this is the definitive update and that the devices are not blocked again when the updates are completed, errors that occurred when the architecture renewal was launched with iOS 16.2. We are still waiting for Apple to continue launching beta versions and above all definitive versions since there are many users who continue to find errors and it is probably true that we are facing one of the versions, iOS 16.2, with the most errors to date. We’ll see if Apple surprises us by fixing all these problems.