iPadOS 18

After visionOS 2 and iOS 18 it is time to iPadOS 18, the big update that will come to the iPad in the coming months. Although we have not seen any major new developments, we have been able to see increased personalization of the home screen and the new control center, a new Calculator app enhanced with the Apple Pencil capable of solving large mathematical calculations or the new Notes app that allows us to integrate new digital content with our own calligraphy.

A handful of new features and redesigns arrive with iPadOS 18

One of the most important novelties is the customization of the home screen and control center, which are new features that we can also enjoy in iOS 18. We will have the possibility of moving the icons around the screen, tinting all the applications in one color or enjoying a new dark mode on the home screen.

iPadOS 18iPadOS 18

Are included new smoother animations in a large number of native applications such as Keynote, Swift Playgrounds, Numbers, etc. New features are also included within SharePlay such as the possibility of sharing the screen to even control a friend's screen to solve problems of all kinds.

Math NotesMath Notes

We can also finally use the app Calculator on the iPad. It has new features such as a calculation history. Additionally, the function is presented mathematical notes, It is about solving mathematical formulas using the Apple Pencil by drawing the calculation, surprisingly we will be given the result with our own handwriting. You can also do calculations naturally by working with numbers or mathematical problems or physics calculations, that can be modified if the parameters are changed directly in a drawing that we have at hand.

The Notes app also undergoes a big change in iPadOS 18. One of the functions is called Smart Writing, a function that allows us to improve the handwriting we write with our Apple Pencil to make it more legible, adapting the handwriting to what iPadOS 18 knows we have. Also adapts calligraphy to handwritten text when we paste a digital text.