Apple presents revenue record with a big stain

As is customary at this time, the Cupertino company has already presented its fiscal results for its second quarter, which is the first natural, and the truth is that it shows that the company is still in one of its best moments. , although not everything is going as Tim Cook would like. Keep reading that we tell you everything in this post.

Last week the Cupertino company released its financial results for its second quarter, which coincides as we said with the first calendar quarter, and it is that Apple is different even in that. The truth is that the results are truly incredible, since the Cupertino company continues to break records practically every quarter.

The iPhone and services, the spearhead of Apple

Apple long ago ceased to be known simply for product innovation, and has also become a real money making machineAt least this is evidenced by each and every one of the financial results presented each quarter. In this case, income has risen to 94.8 billion dollars, which has meant a Net quarterly profit of $24.1 million. If we compare it with the same quarter of the previous year, we can see how revenues have decreased, since they were 97.3 billion dollars, but profits have increased, since they were 20,000 million dollars.

The blame for this increase in profits comes from two main routes., which are the iPhone and the famous services of the Cupertino company. Let’s start with these seconds, and it’s that The services section is becoming more important every day within Apple, so much so that it has been the quarter in which the company has been able to enter the most through this channel, amounting to 20.9 billion dollars. But be careful, we are going from record to record, since it has been the second quarter with more revenue from iPhonea total of 51.3 billion dollars.

The Mac decreases its sales

Despite the good economic results of the company, the truth is that not everything is going as well as Tim Cook would like, since the revenue from Apple’s computer range has fallen sharply. On this occasion they have been 7.2 billion dollars, while in the same quarter of the previous year they were 10.4 billion dollars. Undoubtedly a fact that is not positive for the company.

MacBook Air M2 side

Surely the reason for this drop in sales is the price that Apple computers currently have, and that is that if we ignore the MacBook Air M1, the cheapest entry-level laptop is the MacBook Air M2, starting at 1,519 euros. Of course, in this case it must also be taken into account that the Mac mini has a very cheap price, although to be able to use it you need to surround it with more products that, if you don’t have it to begin with, you have to buy them and, therefore, the price equipment actual increases.