On June 5, Apple will start a new edition of WWDC. This year’s developer conference that if all forecasts are met will be one of the longest and most important in Apple’s history. To the point that the presentations of the operating systems will be the least of it, because it seems that it will focus on the new augmented reality headsets and the new Mac models. For this reason, it has already begun to be promoted and has done so through of Twitter with the hashflag #WWDC23

WWDC 2023

Twitter is one of the most used social networks, despite its current owner, and continues to set the trend every day. That is why it is normal for companies to use it as a means of sponsoring and advertising their products. Apple is no less and although it does not need it, it knows that it can reach many users and become a trend and that is always good. That is why it has decided, with a few days to go before the start of the conference on the 5th, promote it with the hasflag @WWDC23.

A hashflag is nothing more than those hashtags that when published incorporate a certain image, an icon that makes the content more relevant and draws the user’s attention. On this occasion, they have chosen the Apple apple in shades that match the colors of the WWDC 23 presentation. What is intended with this is that from now on, users, analysts and anyone who wants to can launch a message by adding the hashtag with the apple icon and so on, little by little it can become more and more visible on the social network until it becomes a trend.

With this you gain publicity and visibility.