Apple raises its voice against its detractors and explains why they are complying with European laws

Apple continues to be involved in the controversy over the new Digital Markets Law, imposed by the European Union. On this occasion, we bring you the statements that a senior company official has given publicly, regarding what they are doing to adapt to the new demands. In a context in which they are accused, by third parties, of not complying despite the changes, they raise their voices against these criticisms.

It was the Reuters news agency that echoed the statements made by Kyle Andeer, CCO and company lawyer. In a conference in which they participated on the new scenario of the Digital Markets Law, they stuck out their chests, explaining their position regarding these imposed regulations.

They say they have changed their focus and priorities.

Meta, Epic Games or Spotify are some of the companies that are saying, publicly, that the changes that Apple has applied are not really effective. They have even gone so far as to say that the focus has been to reinforce their dominant position in the market. In order to create a more open market and avoid monopolies and anti-competitive practices, the European Union has approved the new law.

In an ecosystem full of criticism, Kyle Andeer has said that all the changes they have carried out have occurred «ensuring that they have adapted to the law. We have done it in a way that has been consistent with our values ​​and with the language that we have developed with our users, over a long period of time. And I think we have fulfilled this.”

He adds that “we have focused from the user's perspective. Now it should not be said that we are not focused on the impact to developers, but I think that from our perspective, we will be monitoring closely, very carefully, What is the impact of these changes on the user experience that we have applied to our clients? with the iPhone 15″.

What Apple has done to adapt to Europe

Beyond the Digital Markets Law, Apple has carried out a series of measures with which they have adapted to the demands, to continue operating normally within the territories of the European Union:

  • They have incorporated USB type C connections in the iPhone 15, to meet the standards of having a universal connector with which all types of electronic devices can be powered.
  • They have opened up the ecosystem of third-party app stores on the iPhone, so other developers can launch their own software marketplaces.
  • For the first time, applications can be downloaded directly from internet browsers.
  • They allow links to payment platforms external to the App Store.

These are some of the changes that, in recent months, the Cupertino company has carried out. From now on, we just have to see what the next movements they will develop will be like.

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