The rise in prices of the iPhone and iPad is now followed by the expected rise in Apple services. Starting today, listening to Apple Music or watching Apple TV + will be somewhat more expensive, like the rest of the services.

The prices of all Apple services, as well as of the different packages that group several services in a single payment, are the following (in parentheses the previous price):

  • Apple Music Individual: 10.99 euros per month (9.99€)
  • Apple Music Family: €16.99 per month (€14.99)
  • AppleTV+: €6.99 per month (€4.99)


  • Apple One Single: €16.95 per month (€14.95)
  • Apple One Family: €22.95 per month (€19.95)
  • Apple One Premium: €31.95 per month (€28.95)

The only service that Apple has not increased its price has been Apple Arcade, which remains at €4.99, the same price since it was launched three years ago. The price increase does not entail any new improvement in them., there is no increase in storage capacities in iCloud, for example. These are bad times for our wallets in all sections of our day to day life, and this was not going to be an exception, it was clear.

As reported by 9to5Mac, an Apple spokesperson has assured them that the prices will be valid as of today in the United States, so we must think that these prices that we have just indicated will also be valid from now on in Spain. Service packages are still the best option to save some money. If we add the uploads individually for each service, the rise of the package is less than that of its services separately, so even if you use one of them a little, it may be more convenient to acquire one of the packs that Apple offers us. And the rises in Apple’s most expensive products, their Macs, are yet to come. Hold on tight because curves are coming.