Apple redesigns the Web to show more products and services

From time to time the Apple Web changes to better adapt to the new scenarios and contexts that surround, not only the company, but also users and technology in general. The change, this time, has been very subtle, but enough to realize that right now in the existing drop-down menu above, right now we are shown letters and we see clearer the products and services to which it refers.

Apple just made a very subtle change but big enough for us to notice. The redesign applies only to the menu at the top of the screen, rather than the entire page. But it’s been done simultaneously in all global Apple stores, and on iOS as well as desktop browsers.

Previously, clicking a browser on a section like Mac would cause the website to change to display a series of icons representing each different device currently available. Now, however, clicking or simply hovering over “iPhone” gives you a dropdown menu with text-only product names and related details. This made the images redundant with the text offered equally.

Right now, we users no longer get help on which product is a laptop or a desktop, as indicated by the icons. In this way, with only the name of the device, your search is clearer and above all, where we can go. plus now more information can be added next to the product name. For example, now we can read “How to buy an iPhone”, “buy an iPhone”…

support now has three columns, with specific product support first. Then there’s a general Get Help section that includes online forum discussions, and lastly, a set of Helpful Topics, covering the most searched concerns like Apple ID and Password.