Last week was a week of big releases for Apple. Among them, the launch of the first beta for developers of iOS 17.4 took place and along with it, the changes that the Apple ecosystem would undergo in the European Union were explained, through a press release, to comply with antitrust laws. A week later, Apple has relaunched a new version of beta 1 for developers with a new build code and also has published the first public beta of iOS 17.4.

iOS 17.4 now available for download in the form of a public beta

The main new features introduced in iOS 17.4 are based on the modifications to the operating system to comply with the Digital Markets Law of the European Union. A few days ago we explained to you what implications it will have for European users and the advantages and disadvantages of each of the changes. Furthermore, if you want to go much deeper, you can do so by reading the press release where Apple explains these changes in detail.

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In the last few hours Apple has continued with its strategic plan and has published the first public beta of iOS 17.4 Available to all users registered in the Beta Program. Furthermore, the opportunity has also been taken to relaunch beta 1 for developers. And we say rerelease because the first version was already released last week with build code 21E5184i. However, the new version of beta 1 for developers has build code 21E5184k, so Apple will have reviewed some relevant bugs that it has fixed in this new build.

Emojis iOS 17.4

Apple Podcasts Automatic Transcriptions in iOS 17.4

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Remember that we discussed the main news around iOS 17.4 a few days ago and they focus, as we have said, on the support of third-party app stores, changes to the rules on default web browsers, etc. In addition, new emojis are also integrated and the automatic transcription function for all Apple Podcasts episodes is added.