This week is being moved for Apple. A few days ago the second beta for developers of iOS and iPadOS 16.5 was released and days later a security update for iOS 15 was published: iOS 15.7.5. The week is not over and we already have a new release. Is about a new firmware update for AirPods compiled as version 5E133 and is available for all AirPods except the first generation. We tell you how to know if it has been installed automatically below.

Make sure your AirPods have the latest firmware

The new firmware for AirPods is version 5E133 and it is now available for all AirPods except 1st generation AirPods. The rest of the models have this version available for a few hours. No important news has been disclosed in this new version. In fact, Apple only highlights bug and problem resolution, just like the rest of the previous firmware updates.

Patent showing an AirPods with a screen in the case

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The update to the new firmware versions of the AirPods is done automatically when AirPods are charging and connected via Bluetooth to a nearby iPhone, iPad, or Mac. To check that the latest version has been installed, you just have to do the following:

  • Open Settings from your iPhone or iPad with your AirPods connected.
  • See General.
  • Click on Information.
  • Tap on AirPods.
  • Look at the software version and make sure it says 5E133.

If you do not see the updated version, it is likely that the automatic download and update has not yet taken place. Make sure you have your AirPods charging and connected to Bluetooth by following Apple’s instructions.