Apple Releases Apple Music Classical for Android

That Apple release the Android version of Apple Music Classical It’s not relevant news. Those from Cupertino have every right to take advantage of the millions of users of Android devices to sell them a service, such as Apple’s new classical music platform.

What is remarkable news is that this version is now available for Android rather than an app for iPadOS or macOS. As if to say: I’ve already “caught” iPad and Mac users through the iPhone, now let’s go for Android users, and then we’ll see. It’s not fair, really.

Last year Apple acquired the streaming classical music platform PrimephonicSo we all knew what was going to happen. At the end of March, Apple introduced its new classical music platform: Apple Music Classical, for iOS. Two months later (today), the Android version of the same platform is already available.

It should be explained that Apple Music and Apple Music Classical are two different platforms. Two different platforms, with two different applications also. Since March available for iPhone and from today, also for Android.

There is a clear reason that explains why it has been released earlier for Android than for the rest of Apple devices. Just because Apple Music Classical is based on the Primephonic platform., which already had its application for Android. So they just had to change the user interface for a new one similar to that of iOS, and run.

It must also be said that although Apple Music and Apple Music Classical are two different platforms with different applications, you should only be subscribed to the first, and you will also have access to the second. A detail from Apple.

So if you have an Android smartphone, know that Apple Music Classical is available as free download in Google Play Store. You log in with your Apple Music account, and enjoy.