The updates of the operating systems always try to integrate something new to the previous version. For older operating systems, the existence of support is essential to ensure the security of devices and users. It is the case of iOS 15 which has been relegated by iOS 16 with its launch in September of this year. However, many devices cannot update to this latest version. For them, Apple has released iOS 15.7.1 with important security bug fixes that are recommended to install.

Big security changes in iOS 15.7.1, now available

iOS 15.7.1 and iPadOS 15.7.1 is now available for all users who want to download the update. These users can be two. On the one hand, users with devices that no longer support iOS and iPadOS 16. On the other hand, those users who, even though they have a device compatible with iOS and iPadOS 16, prefer not to update their device at the moment and prefer to stay with the new versions of iOS 15.

This new version 15.7.1 of iOS and iPadOS integrates great fixes to security bugs that have been exposed on the official Apple support website. Many of these bugs will also be fixed for iOS 16 in the next big update in the coming weeks. Some of these bugs are kernel-level vulnerabilities, which could be exploited by malicious users and compromise the system.

Apple AccountCard

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It is because of that these security updates are 100% recommended by Apple. In fact, if they weren’t interested in continuing to protect the security of users and their devices, they might not spend time updating the operating system. In order to install it, just download the version from Settings> General> Software Updates from your device (with iOS 15 or lower compatible with iOS 15) and follow the steps.