Apple has released this afternoon the new version iOS 16.3.1 together with the corresponding version for iPad (iPadOS 16.3.1) with improvements in iCloud, Siri and accident detection, but also fixing important security flaws you should know about.

Without a previous beta, Apple has released iOS 16.3.1 for iPhone and iPadOS 16.3.1 for iPad, which are now available to download from our device settings. These updates include improvements in the performance of iCloud, in the operation of Siri and in the Search network, in addition to making the accident detection system more precise, which seems to have been giving so many false positives since its launch. In addition to these improvements, perhaps most important is that fixes a major Safari security flaw that has also been actively exploited until now, and that after this update it will be solved. This patch is present in both iOS 16.3.1 and iPadOS 16.3.1, and also in macOS 13.2.1, a version released this afternoon. For Mac users not on macOS 13, Apple has released updates to Safari that fix this bug without upgrading to Ventura.

Along with these updates for iPhone, iPad and Mac, Apple has also released an update for the HomePod that brings its version up to 16.3.2 fixing an issue that was introduced with version 16.3 and that it caused Siri to fail when controlling the devices that we had added to our HomeKit network. This bug caused Siri to fail to execute your requests the first time when you asked to control a HomeKit accessory, having to repeat the command a second time for it to take effect. This should no longer happen with this new version that is available for all HomePod models, from the original to the new one, including the HomePod mini.

Finally we have the update for Apple Watch, which goes up to version 9.3.1 and of which we only know the classic “performance improvements and bug fixes”. All these updates will be installed automatically on your devices if you have it configured that way, if not, you can always access their settings and download them manually.