True to its appointment, Apple has launched the third Beta of iOS 16.4 along with Betas 3 of iPadOS 16.4, watchOS 9.4 and tvOS 16.4currently only available for developers.

iOS 16.4 continues on its way to the final version and for this it reaches Beta 3 that can already be downloaded if you have a developer account. The new features included in this new version that will soon be available to all users in the form of a final and public version are the following.

  • If we create shortcuts to websites on our desktop (what are called web-apps), it will will receive push notifications with new posts from those websites (if they have it activated) and we can even see the notification “badges” on them (the little red circles with a number).
  • The third-party browsers (Chrome, for example) can now create web-appssomething previously only reserved for Safari.
  • new emoji that belong to the Unicode Standard 15.0 that was announced last July and that include, for example, the Wi-Fi network icon, animals like jellyfish, goose, donkey, plant icons like ginger, new tools like maracas, and a long etcetera.
  • Changes in how are Betas receivedwhich will now be tied to your Apple ID account, with no profiles to install on your device.
  • 5G improvements to be compatible with “real” 5G networks which are currently not available in most countries and operators. At the moment only T-Mobile in the US, Softbank in Japan, Vivo and TIM in Brazil.
  • return the page turn animation within the Books app.
  • improvements in the podcast interfacenot only for iPhone or iPad, but also for CarPlay.
  • Improvements to Focus Modes that now include the ability to enable or disable the always-on display depending on the active concentration mode.
  • Shortcuts now includes the option to turn the screen on or off always on.
  • improvements of interface in the Music app with new animations. At the moment nothing is known about the supposed “Classic Apple Music” but there are clues in the iOS 16.4 Beta 2 code that make us suspect that you will be able to arrive soon.
  • New option in settings for see Apple Care+ for all your devices.
  • The links to Mastodon that you send through the Messages app will show a preview of the content
  • New shipment tracking widget for those products that you buy using Apple Pay from your device
  • New option within the accessibility menu It decreases the bright and flickering lights of videos.

At the moment in this Beta 3 we have not found any other news but we will update the list with any changes we find. In addition to these novelties we also have the new Beta 3 versions of the operating systems for Apple Watch and Apple TVbut here there are no changes worth noting except for the classic bug fixes and performance improvements.