Apple resurrected magnetic charging through its MagSafe standard with the iPhone 12. Since then, all other iPhones have integrated this standard and have even designed accessories such as wallets or covers compatible with this option. The standard uses some magnets located inside iPhones and chargers that allows to increase the charging power up to 15W. In October 2021 Apple released the MagSafe Duo charging base, a charger that allowed two devices to be charged simultaneously and a few days ago Apple released a new firmware update.

How to know what firmware version your MagSafe Duo has

MagSafe Duo is a two port wireless charger designed by Apple. As we have mentioned, it is a charger that allows charging two devices compatible with the MagSafe standard. It’s primarily designed to charge an iPhone 12 or later along with an Apple Watch, with compatible case and straps respectively. One of the interesting aspects of MagSafe Duo is that it has some powerful magnets that allow to keep in the same position to the devices so we do not have to worry that we have not placed the devices correctly to charge them.

MagSafe Duo

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The MagSafe Duo charger is incompatible with fast charging on the Apple Watch Series 7

Some days ago Apple released a firmware update for the MagSafe Duo. And it is a surprise for everyone because many users were unaware that this could take place. It’s about the version 10M3063, but that code doesn’t tell the user anything. The user will see a version increase from the Settings app from version to 256.1067.0.

are unknown the news and the reasons for this new update but for it to be installed correctly it is necessary to leave an updated iPhone 12 on the MagSafe Duo. If you want to check if your charging base has been updated, just leave it on top of the base, enter from the iPhone to Settings> General> Information> Apple MagSafe Duo and we can check the version that is installed.