Apple releases the first Beta of iOS 16.4 and watchOS 9.4

Following updates to iOS 16.3.1 this week, Apple has released the first Beta of iOS 16.4 for iPhone in addition to iPadOS 16.4 for its tabletsalong with the respective betas of watchOS 9.4 for Apple Watch and tvOS 16.4 for Apple TV.

The first Beta of iOS 16.4 brings many new features among which we can highlight a bunch of new emoji including donkey, jellyfish, ginger, waving face, maple, fan, maracas, comb, peas, goose, wing, and hearts in blue, gray, and pink colors. We leave you all the new emoji in the image below so that you can check them for yourselves. Remember that for whoever receives the emoji to see it, they will need to have their iPhone also updated to iOS 16.4.

new emoji for iOS 16.4

It has also added new features for Safari and other browsers. Now with any browser other than Safari you can add shortcuts to your favorite websites on your iPhone’s desktop. You can also receive notifications from your favorite websites, as if they were applications. Contrary to what happens with Safari on macOS, no website will be able to ask you for permission to send notifications, instead you will have to add it to your home screen to receive notifications from that website. Once added to your desktop, like any other application you have installed, you can authorize its notifications from your device settings.

Another major change will be how Betas can be installed on your iPhone and iPad. As it already happens in Apple TV, it will not be necessary to install any profile, but by registering your account in the developer program you will automatically be able to install the Betas on your devices. This is much more comfortable for users but it will mean the end of sharing profiles to be able to install the betas on your devices. Now everything will work with your account, and if you are not registered as a developer you will not be able to install the Betayou will only have the option of the Public Beta program.

The first Betas of watchOS 9.4 and tvOS 16.4 are also available to download for developers. We do not know what new features these first Betas bring apart from improvements and bug fixes. If we find something we will update the information right here.