Barely a week ago, Apple officially released the final version of watchOS 10.3 with a large handful of new features, many of them focused on solving security problems. Throughout these days, users have been able to update their watches. However, in the Apple headquarters they continue their line of development and have published the first developer beta of watchOS 10.4, a week after the publication of beta 1 of iOS 17.4, the pace of development of which appears to be different this time.

Let the rhythm not stop… beta 1 of watchOS 10.4 is now available!

As we have been saying, the version candidate of watchOS 10.3 was published on January 17 and five days later, on January 22, Apple officially published watchOS 10.3. Although they focused on fixing security issues, Apple introduced the Black Unity sphere in this version to commemorate Black History Month and also added Apple Music collaborative charts.

iOS 17.4

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A week later, The first beta of watchOS 10.4 is now available for developers with build code 21T5185g. So if you are enrolled in the Developer Beta Program you can now install this new operating system on your watch. Remember that to install this software it is necessary have 50% battery on the watch or be connected to a charger while the update is installed.

At the moment, no major news has emerged contrary to what was happening with iOS 17.4. However, part of this beta version of iOS will reach watchOS 10.4, including new emojis and changes related to compliance with the European Union Digital Markets Law. In the next few hours we will be able to learn about some of the new features hidden within watchOS 10.4 that will be released in spring along with the rest of the updates that Apple currently has in development.