Apple rethinks its strategy with the iPhone 15

Design Changes

As we already know, the iPhone 13 and the iPhone 14 are practically the same at first glance, and it is very difficult to differentiate them beyond the reduction of the Noth and the colors. Therefore, one of the solutions is that the new generation, inherit dynamic island and all the functions provided by this novelty of the iPhone 14 Pro.

The screen technology It will be a difference between the Pro versions and the standard versions, keeping the 120 Hz only in the most advanced versions. However, according to rumors, the iPhone 15 will have the technology of the display always on and with USB-C connectorthe new industry standard required by the European Union.

Leaked iPhone 15

The back of the iPhone 15 They will also incorporate the frosted glass that the Pro models include, visualizing themselves as more premium models, getting closer to Apple’s top of the range and differentiating themselves from the 14 and 13 series models.

Changes in the camera and Chip Bonic A17

The camera if you are going to give a big leap compared to the previous generation, obtaining a camera of 48 megapixels. This means that he would inherit the pro raw mode to be able to take professional quality photos with much better post-processing.

It should be noted that one of the problems with the iPhone 14 was that it kept the chip from the previous generation. However, for this new generation, Apple is going to launch a new 3nm chip manufactured by TSMC and that will be focused mainly on improving autonomy and not performance.

Finally, this new generationn will incorporate new colors where the pastel blue color and a muted pink color will be included, but they are reaching the level of the pastel or dark tones of previous generations.

iPhone 15 colors


Of all the reasons why the iPhone 14 is not worth buying, the price It is, without a doubt, since it exceeds 1,000 euros for the first time, a very high price for most pockets.

It seems that Apple is only going to Rise the price of the Pro and Van versions to maintain the price of the entry versions so that there is a greater difference between versions and people are encouraged to purchase the version that best suits their needs and not purchase the most professional version because the price difference is small. However, the latter is a rumor and it is not known if this will apply to all markets or only in some or with very specific exceptions.

iphone 15 buttons

Apple is aware that the Pro and Pro Max series are evento professional userss and need more versatility when carrying out their photography and video projects, while the input version It is designed for a much more generic audience that seeks to have a good phone, but not the latest technology.

This differentiation will be observed mainly in the cameras, since, only the Pro versions will include the periscope zoom up to 6X, far superior to his previous generations and above all, of the version 15 and 15 Plus.