Apple has just released the updates that were missing to have all its devices in the latest version with those corresponding to HomePod and Apple TV, which can now be downloaded.

Yesterday we had the new versions for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac, but we were missing those for HomePod and Apple TV. The wait is over and we can now download them to our devices and take advantage of all the new features that are included, which in the case of the HomePod are also interesting. The new HomePod update to version 16.3 brings, in the case of the HomePod mini, a new functionality that was reserved for the HomePod that has just been launched, but that owners of the small Apple speaker can also enjoy: new temperature sensors and humidity.

Available on the HomePod mini since launch but with no known functionality, these sensors will start to come in handy on the little speaker as soon as you update it to version 16.3. From there, and as long as your iPhone is also updated, you will be able to know the temperature and humidity of the room in which the HomePod mini is located, and use that data for automations. In addition, the environmental sounds that can be heard from the HomePod are improved, recurring automations can be configured with the voice from it and we can ask Siri where a friend or family member is, obviously as long as they share their location with you. There are also improvements in the volume control of the original HomePod and improvements in the reproduction of vocal content, to listen to podcasts and the like with more quality.

In the case of Apple TV the update to tvOS 16.3 does not bring any known news Except for performance improvements and bug fixes, a true Apple classic.