Apple runs out of iPhone for Christmas

The month of November is always the month before Christmas, and it is very common to start seeing Christmas purchases, well, for all those who were thinking of giving away or giving themselves an iPhone for Christmas, they have to move very quickly, since Apple is having many problems when manufacturing them and, if you don’t ask for it well in advance, you may not have it the day you want. Keep reading that we tell you everything in this post.

The demand for the new iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max It is still really high, as confirmed by the Cupertino company itself. However, what in theory should be very good news is becoming a headache for Apple as it is having serious problems manufacturing these devices.

COVID-19 hits Apple again

Gone are the days when the pandemic considerably affected technology companies to be able to manufacture their devices, well, those ghosts reappear for those in Cupertino due to the health problems that COVID-19 has generated again in the main Foxconn factorywhich is the place where all Apple devices are assembled, in Zhengzhou, China.

In fact, Apple itself has stated it through a statement on its site. applenewsroom, indicating that the COVID-19 restrictions that have been carried out in that area of ​​the Asian country have once again temporarily affected the main assembly facilities for these devices. This has caused production capacity has been reduced considerablyat pandemic levels.

At the same time, as we said before, it should also be noted that the demand for the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max continues to grow, which together with this setback in the manufacture of the same, will cause many users to have serious problems to be able to acquire their iPhone this Christmas, in fact the waiting times to receive these units have already increased. Apple also emphasizes that they are prioritizing the health and safety of workers and that they will work closely with Foxconn to be able to return to normal production levels as soon as possible.

Do you want an iPhone for Christmas? Buy it now

Of course, this is not good news, neither for Apple, nor for all those potential buyers of these devices, especially considering that Christmas is approaching, being this one of the times of the year when more products are bought ahead of the Christmas scolding. That is why, if you were thinking of giving away or giving yourself an iPhone for these upcoming holidays, our advice is to do it as soon as possible, since the waiting times to receive them will increase considerably and proportionally to the number of orders. that the rest of the people will also begin to do once this news is known.

iPhone 14 ProMax

In fact, the delivery times for all those people who buy an iPhone 14 Pro right now are already gone. between November 29 and December 7The same thing also happens with the Pro Max model, which are the two most demanded devices in this generation of iPhone 14, mainly caused by the lack of news that the normal models bring.