The year is about to end and with it begins 2024, a year where artificial intelligence will mark a before and after within Apple's operating systems. Everything seems to indicate that iOS 18 will introduce generative AI that will evolve in line with the hardware of the new iPhones. Apple now tries to get content from publishers, newspapers and magazines to feed its generative artificial intelligence with the aim of avoiding using Internet content to improve user privacy. We'll tell you then.

Newspapers, magazines and media to feed Apple's artificial intelligence

Apple could have made a investment of 50 million dollars to obtain licenses for archives and news magazines with the aim of starting to Feed and train your generative intelligence. Among these media are NBC News, Condé Nast or IAC. Large newspaper and magazine editors bring together a large number of publications such as The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, Vogue, Wired or GQ that belong to Condé Nast. Getting the maximum number of magazines and content is essential to guarantee a greater contribution of information to the training of the tool.

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Sources internal to the publishers' negotiations (via The New York Times) assure that Apple has not specified the use of that content within generative AI which has caused two different positions within these negotiations. Some are in favor because they believe that it is a possibility to have publishers for this type of training instead of using free content and others are against due to the lack of specificity on Apple's part.

In addition, having all this information could be one more step towards the integration of AI within Apple News since the Apple's goal is also to bring artificial intelligence to its applications, something that would be achieved by indexing all this content that could have been being managed for weeks.