Apple sells this new product as refurbished, and it will cost you less

We have a new Apple product in the refurbished section! This is not the situation in which a third-party store includes something in its catalog, but rather we can buy it, for the first time, in the refurbished section on the official Apple Store website. And it comes with a price reduction under the arm (or the cable, depending on how you look at it). So in this post we are going to let you know, and we are also going to tell you the conditions by which these types of products are governed.

Surprisingly and rather quietly, Apple has carried out the incorporation of this product in its refurbished store. And it is also news due to the fact that he is the first in his family to fall into this category. Neither his predecessor nor his little brother have been available, but rather the second generation has entered directly.

The HomePod 2, now for less and refurbished

The second generation of the HomePod is now available on Apple’s refurbished website. And yes, you can also buy it from Spain. This is the first time that we have a speaker from this family in this category, since the first generation HomePod was not included. And although we have had the HomePod mini on sale for some time now, it is not available either.

Currently, the official price marked for the second generation HomePod through the Apple Store is 349 euros, in its two colors: Midnight and White. However, now if we want to buy them reconditioned through Apple’s official website, we will be paying 50 euros less, leaving the final amount at €299.

The two colors that we have if we want to buy them new, are also sold in this section. In addition, they include the power cable. However, the packaging changes. Buying a new product is not the same as buying a reconditioned one, and Apple differentiates the two. In this case, we’ll take minimalist packaging to the extreme: A white box with the HomePod logo printed in gray, along with an inscription at the bottom (again, silk-screened in gray) that says “Apple Certified Refurbished.”

So, if you look at the packaging, it is the same one that is already used with other refurbished products.

What does it mean for a product to be reconditioned?

In the case of the second generation HomePod, it is sold through Apple’s official website. When a product begins to be sold here, it means that it has been the company itself that has been in charge of fine-tuning the product, with repairs and checking its operation.

So if we buy an official refurbished Apple one, we will have the peace of mind of knowing that all the parts that have been changed or fixed are official, so we will also have the possibility of taking it for repair under warranty.

The legal warranty for refurbished products is the same as the one we have for new products: One year from the manufacturer, and two additional years, which is covered by the establishment that sells you the product. In this case, since everything happens through Apple, the three years will be covered by the bitten apple. Of course, this happens if we buy it as individuals. If we buy it as a company or as a self-employed person, to have tax deductions, we will only be eligible for a single year of official warranty, which is from the manufacturer.