Apple shows off one of its biggest milestones

Security is a matter that the Cupertino company takes very seriously, in all areas. One of them is its application store, the App Store. And it is precisely in that place where Apple has released some surprising results, which go through the reliability of the content and fraud prevention. do you want to know what is it about? In this post we tell you!

The four pillars of Apple in the App Store

This new milestone for Apple is based on four distinct elements. On the one hand, there are fraudulent developer accounts. On the other, the evaluation of the apps. Hand in hand, they are followed by fake reviews and, finally, fraud in app payments with credit cards. So, since the company has given figures, let’s see what each of them consists of.

Applications as a starting point

As the company itself explains, last year 2022 they eliminated 428,000 developer accounts. In the same way, they announce that this figure was reduced from the 802,000 accounts that were eliminated in 2021, thanks to the new verification and security protocols that they implemented. In the same way, 105,000 requests from users who, due to suspicions of fraud, no longer had access to the Apple Developer Program were knocked down (before registration). But developers are not the only focus against malicious activities, since 282 million customer accounts were deactivated for malpractice within the App Store.

One of the most common bad practices is the publication of insecure apps. Before one of them is published, it is evaluated. And thanks to this procedure, 400,000 apps have been rejected for not exceeding Apple’s privacy requirements. Within this first calculation, more than 150,000 were knocked down for being considered spam, 29,000 for hiding functions. The total number of apps that have not been published amounts to more than 1.7 million.

What happens to already published apps

Apple’s spotlights are not only on before publishing the apps. But also, once these have already come to light. And one of the most common malpractices is found in reviews. Nothing more and nothing less than 147 million ratings and comments are what they have removed. Fake accounts posting reviews or bots that tried to cheat this system are the main criteria for deletion.

fraud transactions app store

Payments and associated systems are also a focus for the company. To begin with, payments from 3.9 million credit cards were detected, which were cancelled. Of all these transactions, we must add the 714,000 canceled accounts to prevent them from doing the same thing again. And the total value of fraud that has been prevented? $2.09 billion in transactions that have no longer taken place. And all this dance of figures, only within the App Store.