Apple shows us its income and losses for the first quarter of 2024

But not only in a general way, but also by sections, thus knowing which is the product that has had the most impact, and in turn, the one that has sold the least this quarter. Do you want to know? Let's see it.

Apple's first quarter this 2024

Although we are talking about the first quarter presented in 2024, it does not correspond to the first 3 months of the year, otherwise we could not be making this news in February. These refer to the last 3 of the previous year, now presented at the end of January.

It is because of that The company's results in this period are always very goodsince its most important presentations, as well as the beginning of its sales, take place from mid-September until the end of Christmas.

In any case, they serve to analyze whether the product presented, as well as the rest of them, has really had a good impact on the public, or, on the contrary, sales have fallen.

As a general data we can see that Apple earned 119,575 million dollars, of which, subtracting expenses, we are left with a net profit of $33.9 billion. Something that is actually not bad at all, in the absence of continuing to increase its catalog with products like the Vision Pro that we will see very closely throughout the year.

Comparing it with the previous year in the same period (since doing so with the previous quarter would be crazy), we can realize which product has succeeded the most, and which the least. And these are the data:

  • iPhone: 69,702 million dollars (+6%).
  • Mac: 7.78 billion dollars (≈).
  • iPad: 7,023 million dollars (-25%).
  • Wearables (Apple Watch, AirPods): 11,953 million dollars (-11%).
  • Services: 23,117 million dollars (+11%).

That is to say, it seems that the iPhone 15 would have had 6% better benefits than the iPhone 14, something very interesting for the company. Likewise, their computers would remain in a very similar range, waiting for the new Macs, which could vary this for the following year.

Apple product set

On the other hand, we find the failures, where we see the iPad with 25% less sales (really income), as well as the drop of another 11% of its wearables, where the Apple Watch and AirPods would enter. Something normal since the Apple Watch has been practically the same since the Series 7, we will see if things change this year. The descent is not as bad as it could have been.

And regarding their services, it seems that they are not doing badly at all, and thanks to iCloud, Apple Music, or AppleTV, among others, they have increased by 11%, with more than 23,000 million, which would be double that of all revenues from wearables, a very important figure for them.

And you, what do you think of this data? Do you see anything that seems strange to you, or do they really resemble the products launched and their interest among the public?