iOS applications in macOS Ventura with Apple Silicon 

Apple has made efforts to facilitate the creation of Mac apps by iOS developers, and some have succeeded. A developer may now create a macOS version of an iOS app with as little as one check-in Xcode, provided they won’t bother the Mac application seeming subpar. It takes more effort to create one that looks fine and functions well on a Mac.

It appears that developers haven’t been rushing to complete the task. Anecdotally, it seems like iPadOS developers might be more interested in it since those could look more like Macs, but there hasn’t been a gold rush. This implies that running iPad and iPhone apps on Macs is a feature available to all Apple Silicon Mac users, although it might be challenging to find compatible software.

Discover Ways To Access Apps With Apple Silicon 

Open the Mac App Store, click on “Discover,” then scroll down to “iPad and iPhone Apps for Mac with Apple Silicon,” and then click on “See All” on the right side to view Apple’s list of which iPadOS apps run on macOS Ventura.

To find the latest iPad application that can be used with an Apple Silicon Mac, launch Mac’s App Store.   Type a search word or the name of the app in the top-left search box by clicking here and then pressing the Return key.  Click on iPad and iPhone Apps at the top of the list of applications that appears.

Anytime now, anything can be searched for and found. At the very least, there are no obstacles from the Mac App Store or Apple. It’s now totally up to the developers to decide if they’ve got to make their iOS applications compatible with Macs. Once they’re located and have been downloaded, simply click on Get or Install and Download to the Mac exactly as Mac programs would.