Apple solo releases watchOS 9.5.1 to fix bugs

Normally when someone clicks the “release updates” button in Apple Park, most of the company’s devices are updated at the same time. So when we find a single new version of software, in this case for the apple watchwe must take it into account because it will surely solve some important error.

So if you have an Apple Watch, know that Apple has released a new update a couple of hours ago, specifically watchOS 9.5.1. And the accompanying note from him doesn’t give much of an explanation, just “fixes a few bugs.” Meow.

Just two weeks after the release of watchOS 9.5those of Cupertino have surprised us with a lonely new update for our Apple Watch: watchOS 9.5.1.

And if we look at the note that is traditionally attached to each update, it does not explain anything at all. It just says “improvements and bug fixes«. So just in case, the best thing you can do is update as soon as possible.

So now you know how to do it. Enter the Watch application on your iPhone, go to General, enter Software Update, and then the mobile automatically searches for a new update. Once found, click on download and install, and the process will begin. In my case it has taken two minutes in downloading.

Apple has not given any clues about the reason for this unexpected update, but taking into account the complaints that have appeared this week on the web about the decrease in autonomy of several Apple Watch after being updated to watchOS 9.5, the shots are likely to go that way.

The fact is that if Apple has launched this new version like this alone and by surprise, it is because it must be important. So as soon as you can, do not hesitate to update your Apple Watch. As I have written this article, I have already downloaded and installed it. in case you “flies” them.