iTunes has been one of the most used programs by Apple users because it was the tool that brought together all the audiovisual content on our computers. In addition, it was the program used on both Windows and Mac to manage the information on our devices. For some years now, Apple eliminated the concept of iTunes on Mac but in Windows it was still valid. However, iTunes for Windows is has divided into three different programs: Apple Music, Apple TV and Apple Devices. One more maneuver by Apple to gradually end the iTunes concept in Windows.

iTunes on Windows is divided into 3 programs: Music, TV and Devices

Instead of iTunes, you can use three dedicated apps designed specifically for listening to music, watching content, and managing your Apple devices.

Users of Apple devices that have Windows 10 or later You are in luck because you have more than interesting news. Until now they needed iTunes to be able to manage all their devices and their libraries, as well as to use Apple Music if they were subscribed. From now on these users will access all this information from three new dedicated applications to each of the following elements:

  • Apple Music: Use the Big Apple music streaming service or listen to the music you have stored in your iTunes library directly from this app.
  • AppleTV: You can use this application to watch movies and series stored in your iTunes library or to consume content from Apple's streaming service if you are a subscriber.
  • Apple devices: With this application we can manage each of our devices as we did with iTunes to create backup copies, manually synchronize content or restore the device to the factory.

iTunes Split Programs on Windows

In order to install these applications It is necessary to download all three applications. If only one is installed, iTunes will ask the user to download the other two applications in order to access music and video content from the iTunes library. Once these specific apps have been downloaded, we can use iTunes to consult podcasts and audiobooks. However, we will not be able to remove iTunes because each of these apps uses iTunes as an information manager.

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If you have a computer or device with an operating system lower than Windows 10: nothing happens. Nothing changes for you. These users will still need iTunes to back up and sync their devices, use Apple Music, and manage their computer's music catalog.