Apple steps (even more) on the accelerator of the development of its smart ring

The company's future smart ring is intended to be a less intrusive device than a watch. In the case of the Apple Watch, it is true that we have an attractive design. But when it comes to wearing technology on our body, the presence of a ring is much less noticeable than that of a watch.

So far, everything that Apple has managed to do with its smart ring has to do with the communications system it would have. Likewise, the types of interactions that could take place are also known. Both about us wearing the ring, with other products in the ecosystem, and about the physical responses that the ring could offer.

Apple continues to advance with its smart ring

One of the advances shared by the specialized English-speaking media Patently Apple is the possibility that this product could have “moving parts, buttons, touch surfaces, a mini digital crown, include a microphone and more,” they explain.

The name of the original patent is Electronic System With Ring Device. And to everything they have been able to include so far, we must also add: a biometric fingerprint identification system and new motion sensor systems.

With the aim of carrying out a deeper interaction with different products in the Apple ecosystem, the ring has been designed to have motion sensors, so that it is capable of collecting much more precise gestures. In fact, there is talk that all this technology would be encapsulated in the same ring, which would have a system of electronic circuits inside, which would allow it to have “intelligent” capabilities.

Everything this ring could have

From the same medium they review everything that this new Apple smart ring could have. One of the most important aspects is the NFC connection. In this case, the device would have a reader. Regarding the inputs that this ring could receive, we talk about the presence of a microphone, motion sensors or the touch surface.

One of the most important aspects of Apple's wearables line is health and fitness. One of the purposes that this product could have, once launched on the market, would be its ability to collect information about our physical activity, thanks to different sensors focused on it. To these, many others must also be added: there are temperature sensors, ambient light sensors, a compass, a gyroscope, and even an inertia meter.