Apple Stops Product Sales In Russia: Puts Pressure On Other Smartphone Brands To Follow Suit

Apple is the latest among major international firms to halt the sale of all products in Russia. This is part of an ever-widening corporate repercussion against the country’s decision to attack neighboring Ukraine.

The tech behemoth expressed its deep concern about the invasion and reiterated that it stood by those in misery as a consequence of the invasion. The service of Apple Maps and other Apple Pay services have been limited.

Footwear giant Nike has also quietly stopped taking online orders of its products through the company did not release any statements. Customers trying to order online only got an online message that it could at present not guarantee the delivery of orders in Russia.

But their website directed clients to nearby Nike stores.

Other high-profile makes have also pulled out from Russia this week. They include carmakers, technology firms, and film studios.

Many banking apps, including VTB Bank’s, may cease to function in Russia on Apple devices using the company’s operating system.

Move To Halt Sales In Russia Unusual For Apple Known For Keeping Away From Political Developments

Apple announced that the company had halted traffic and also live events in Ukraine. They said it was a safety and precautionary move for the citizens of Ukraine.

Last week Mykhailo Fedorov, the Vice PM of Ukraine had in an open letter on Twitter asked Apple to suspend Russians from getting access to its services, App Store, and all products.

He wrote about the cruise missile attacks on residential neighborhoods, hospitals, and schools in the heart of Europe.

Apple phones are the 3rd largest selling phones in Russia and supplied around 13% of the total sets sold last year. the country represents 2% of the global sales of iPhones.

Goole has also regulated news firms backed by Russia from advertising tools and several YouTube features. The company stated that they were committed to conforming to sanctions requirements and would continue to observe any guidance in that regard. Google Pay has also been limited to sanctioned banks though it has not been totally blocked yet.