Apple Store Hostage Situation In Amsterdam

The law enforcement in Amsterdam has already confirmed that the hostage situation in its Apple Store has been solved. Several other individuals who were hiding in the store have also been able to leave safely. The website of the company has notified that the store will be closed till Friday. The official report has confirmed that the hostage-taker was also from the store. He was lying on the street and armed with a robot. From a distance, law enforcement was able to control him via firearms. The other individuals then were taken to a police location for a witness statement. 

Apple Store Robbery Turns Into Hostage Recovery

Previously, the major consensus was that law enforcement hadn’t been able to take care of the hostage situation at the Apple Store. In a message that was posted on Twitter, the Amsterdam Police Unit had confirmed an ongoing robbery turned hostage situation which took place at Leidseplein. Local media went on to report that although the incident did begin as an armed robbery, it eventually turned into a hostage situation with a single person held at gunpoint. 

Multiple images and videos that were posted to social media then depicted a massive police presence at the Apple Store- which is located in Leidseplein. The Law Enforcement had asked the people in that area to shelter in place and also to avoid the sharing of any additional video or images on social media for the current time frame. Buildings in the immediate vicinity of the shop were also evacuated.

In a follow-up tweet, the Amsterdam Police also added that it was not able to share any information about the actions or the situation that had come up in order to ensure the safety of every single person involved in the Apple Store hostage debacle. The company- on their part- refused to comment on the situation.