Apple Store: more app advertising for developers

Through an email. That has been the way in which Apple has announced to developers that the App Store is going to start showing more app ads on the main app tab in a “You May Also Like” section at the bottom of it. These announcements will arrive from next Tuesday, October 25 to all countries except China. All these promotions will continue to have the “Announcement” icon with a blue background.

“Thanks to ads in the Today tab of the App Store, your application can appear permanently in the foreground in the App Store, thus making it the first thing users see when entering the App Store«. This is how Apple tries to convince developers of this new functionality of the App Store.

This new advertising function will be the one that makes, For the first time, developers can create ads for the main tab: Today. In addition to the “You May Also Be Interested In” section, developers will also be able to promote their apps in other sections of the App Store.

In a tweet, legal expert Florian Mueller comments that the ads in the “You May Also Be Interested In” section are nothing more than “Another way to increase rates to apps”making developers have to buy ads on their own pages so that other users do not “usurp” them with advertising from possible competition.

App Store ads were previously limited to search results and “Suggested” in the search section as well. With the addition of these new possibilities, lThe App Store already has four different locations for developers to promote their apps.

Already in August, Gurman exposed in Bloomberg that Apple planned to triple its profits from advertising to some data of 10 billion (Americans always) per year. In addition, Gurman commented that he would not only be impacted, as Apple announces now, in the App Store, but that searches on Apple Maps may also be “sponsored”. Apple beware with this model, we have already seen that advertising can tire the user. And a lot.