Apple Studio Display Users Are Unable To Update Firmware

Some users of the new Apple Studio Display have experienced issues with upgrading to the most recent software. Apple assistance urged consumers to bring their displays in for repair to an authorized Apple Store or approved repair facility after numerous failed efforts, according to MacRumors.

A rising number of customers have reported the problem on Apple’s support site. Users receive an error notice while attempting the upgrade “The firmware for the Apple Studio Display couldn’t be updated. In an hour, try again. Contact an approved Apple assistance provider if the problem persists.” Subsequent efforts to connect, even while using a different computer, fail. 

Apple Studio Display Owners Are Disappointed

The Apple Studio Display is off to a rough start, with complaints about its 60Hz refresh rate, exorbitant price, and poor camera. Apple has promised a firmware update to repair the camera, but no timetable has been set. The Studio Display is powered by an A13 Bionic processor (the same as the iPhone 11) and runs iOS 15.4 in its entirety. As a result, fixes are delivered as part of an iOS update, which users may get via System Preferences on macOS.

Similar issues have been reported on the MacRumors Forums, with some users being urged by Apple Support to bring their display in for repair. Apple’s Studio Display runs iOS, and users may update it on macOS by going to System Preferences. Following reports of poor camera quality, Apple has announced a future update that would solve the issue. That same update might provide a fix for the problem that customers are having updating their Studio Display.