Apple Studio Display Is Now Working On 7K Resolution

In the days building up to Apple’s next big event, the rumor mill is heating up. Apple is said to be working on an “Apple Studio Display,” which will have a resolution of 7K, which will be greater than the present Pro Display XDR.

Apple Studio Panel will, according to 9to5Mac, have a higher resolution than Apple’s Pro Display XDR, a 32-inch 6K (6,016 A- 3,384 pixels, 218 PPI) resolution display that debuted in late 2019.

Apple was said to be exploring a revolutionary display with an integrated A13 processor last year. Other sources also claimed that Cupertino is preparing to release a new external display in 2022 that would cost half as much as the present Pro Display XDR.

Apple Studio Display Should Make Its Debut Soon

The “peak performance” webcast, which is scheduled on March 8 at 1:00 p.m. ET, might include everything from a new iPhone SE to new iPads. According to a recent story from 9to5Mac, Apple is going to unveil a new Mac model dubbed “Mac Studio” that is aimed at professionals.

There isn’t much information on Mac Studio yet. Its name might change by the time Apple unveils it on Tuesday (assuming that occurs), and we have no clue how it will appear. One of the two speculated versions will use the M1 Max CPU from last year’s MacBook Pro, while the other will have an even more powerful Apple silicon chip, according to 9to5Mac’s sources.

Apple is also working on a high-end display for pros named “Apple Studio Display,” which is supposed to have a 7K resolution, according to the site. Given the name, it would make sense for that new display and this new computer to debut simultaneously and be sold as partners for one another, in a bundle that’s aimed at a certain group of professionals. In other words, that’s a configuration that’ll set you back at least a couple of thousand dollars. Expect Mac Studio to appeal to folks who produce Hollywood movies and other things that demand high-end software and technology if these rumors are accurate. But, hey, at the very least, the new iPhone SE will most likely be inexpensive.