Given the rumors of a new folding iPad that could arrive sooner rather than later, we have to say that it seems to be ruled out entirely. The idea of ​​having a 24-inch tablet with the idea of ​​being able to fold in on itself was a bit bizarre, but as I often say lately, I expect anything from Apple. But it seems that things are not going to come to fruition and the rumor is deflated. However, a new one appears on the horizon, one just as rare: A foldable 21-inch Mac.

The point is that the rumor about the folding iPad was launched, by none other than Kuo, one of the most reputable analysts in the Apple universe. His rumor said that next year, Apple could launch a new 24-inch iPad on the market, amazing, but it could also be foldable. Like all rumors, you have to wait and see if it is confirmed or ruled out completely. In this case, nothing should be ruled out, for now, but it seems to be deflating, thanks to the statements of two other reputable analysts: Bloomberg’s Marg Gurman and Ross Young.

These two affirm that they have not heard anything among their sources that makes them indicate that Apple will launch such a device on the market. Now, in my opinion, I say that they have not heard it, does not mean that it cannot be a reality. Gurman says that in 2024 it is more than certain that Apple will adopt LEDs for the iPad but nothing else. Young, however, goes a little further and says that he hasn’t heard anything about the foldable iPad but he has heard about a flexible 20.5-inch Mac and it will be ready by 2025.

The “war” to see who is right, is served. Time will tell.